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The Indian Children are Dying...What can we do?

Posted October 8th, 2008 by Michelle Davis - 4,287 views
Teen depression is one of the major illnesses that teens suffer from. Teens who suffer from depression are not simply in a bad mood or having a string of bad days. Depression afflicts many average teenagers and is often mistaken for a hormonal imbalance that will regulate itself. Unlike normal teens who “bounce back”, teens who are suffering from depression and do not receive treatment can become anti-social, withdrawn, sad, anger, prone towards acts of violence and even suicidal. Clearly, the good news is that teenager depression, when detected, can be medically treated.

In order to get the necessary treatment for a depressed teen, you have to be able to recognize the warning signs and symptoms. Although many symptoms can occur with teens who are not depressed, if any of these signs are exhibited for a prolonged period of time:
• Displaying anger, rage, or irritability towards family and others• Tearful and/or moping without provocation or at the slightest hint of criticism• Withdrawn from family and friends more than usual or prone to staying shut in their room for hours on end• Destruction or giving away of personal items previously of significant value• Sharp differences in eating and sleeping patterns• Excessive tiredness or lack of energy• Trouble concentrating• Dramatic change in grades at school
Obviously the symptoms listed are not a complete list and the best gauge for determining whether or not your teen is suffering from depression is to contrast their present behavior with how your know you teen normally behaviors. Sharp contrasts that continue and seem to be unrelenting should be taken up with your teen’s health care professional to determine whether or not your teen is suffering from depression.
Most treatment options involving medications are not quick fix remedies for teen depression. Instead they involve many months of office visits and medications that tend to take at least a month before effects can be felt. For persistence, however improvement will be noticed and felt after that time.
For those who seek alternative treatment methods, be sure to carefully evaluate not only the method but the source. Try to find others who have tried such treatments and learn what success they have achieved. By all means, do not subject your teen to an experimental treatment method that has not be verified by other medical professionals or thoroughly laboratory tested.
Remember that treatment options for teens suffering from depression are different than those given to adults. Teens respond to medications in a different manner. Any medication you choose for your teen has some inherent risks. Be sure that you thoroughly discuss the side effects of any medication prescribed for your teen and watch for any possible side effects that seem to worsen your teen’s depression.
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