Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Native Indian Perspective on Youth Suicide

The Native American Experience:

This is very important. There was a rash of suicides on the Nisqually reservation a few years. About the same time there were suicide attempts on my reservation. No one wants to look too closely at this problem. It encompasses all of the introduced behaviors, physicalabuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse etc. There is extreme poverty,alcohol and drugs. The saving grace for many has been our Canoe Journeys. It has been live changing for many. It has been an introduction to our Traditional values and spirituality. We didn'thave ceremonies for all the dysfunctional behaviors and illnesses BC(before columbus). We need new ceremonies. Many Tribal councils arenot concerned with social problems. They are concerned with making money. We do need to make money in this white man's society. Money means nothing if our children are killing themselves.

Do you have similar experiences? if you do please send them to us. Write to us and tell us how you feel about your own personal experiences.
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