Saturday, February 14, 2009

A War Against Tears..

Today's Native youths, tomorrow's Native leaders are caught in a suicidal epidemic that is claiming more lives than any other ethnic group.

Native youths kill themselves at a rate nearly twice the national average, according to the Centers for Disease Control. In its most recent study, from 1996 to 1998, the CDC found 303 Native youths up to 24 years old took their own lives.
About one in five Native girls have attempted suicide, compared to about 12 percent of boys, according to the American Medical Association. Boys, however, were five times more likely to complete suicide.

The reasons are many. Experts point to depression, isolation, substance abuse, broken families, the pain of historical tragedies and a lack of mental health support on rural reservations.
The results, though, are tragic.


Raise International public awarness to this tragedy in the hope of shining lights on the Native childrens' living conditions, social barriers, and community support structures, essentially bringing hope and light to dark places. -It's a good place to start.

Help us bring hope to these children, and save as many lives as the Lord will permit.

Would you like to help us protect our youth from suicide? Email:

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Monica said...

This is very important. There was a rash of suicides on the Nisqually
reservation a few years. About the same time there were suicide
attempts on my reservation. No one wants to look too closely at this
problem. It encompasses all of the introduced behaviors, physical
abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse etc. There is extreme poverty,
alcohol and drugs. The saving grace for many has been our Canoe
Journeys. It has been live changing for many. It has been an
introduction to our Traditional values and spirituality. We didn't
have ceremonies for all the dysfunctional behaviors and illnesses BC
(before columbus). We need new ceremonies. Many Tribal councils are
not concerned with social problems. They are concerned with making
money. We do need to make money in this whiet man's society. Money
means nothing if our children are killing themselves.